Club 480 brings together time travellers originating from different places and times and gives them the opportunity to share resources and experience in a safe environment free from non-travellers. Legitimate time travellers who want to be considered for admission should report to the mostly-recently proposed Membership Meeting (in your current timeline), on our forum. Note that the date of the next membership meeting as advertised here will always be in the past: to qualify for admission your first task is to be in attendance at a point in recent history – this should not pose too great a problem for a genuine time traveller.

Upon agreeing to our rules and procedures, a new applicant will be granted access to the resources on this website. Non-time travellers who are interested in our work are invited to visit our forum on social website Reddit. However, they should be aware that they are there only as guests and it is not in our interest to provide them with the benefits of our knowledge: requests for the specific secrets of time travel or for time travel missions or proofs to be undertaken, for example, will generally be ignored.